JH Art Studio

We believe that art makes our lives more beautiful and abundant. This is true for everyone, children and adults alike.

frequently asked questions


When are course payments and registration fees due?

Class payments and registration fees for courses are due before the start of the course.


What if I need to miss a class?

If a student needs to reschedule or cancel a lesson, please let the studio know two weeks in advance in order to work out a make-up date.


When should I drop off and pick up my child?

JH Art Studio does not have the resources to watch students before or after lessons.
Please drop off students on time (not early or late) and pick-up students right when the class ends.

Please let us know in advance if special circumstances prevent prompt observation of drop-off and pick-up times.


How should students behave when at the studio?

We ask that students act in consideration of and respect for others while attending any classes through JH Art Studio. Students should demonstrate tolerance of and respect for people of all backgrounds and lifestyles.

As the artwork on display is delicate, we also ask that there be no running or children left unattended at the studio.

Will I or my work be photographed at the studio?

For the purposes of public promotion and marketing, students may be photographed in class or with the work for JH Art Studio's website, social media page, or newsletter.

Please let us know in advance if you do not want your child or children to appear in photographs availalbe to the public.


What happens to my projects after I've finished?

Any projects created in class belong to the students, but JH Art Studio reserves the right to put some works on display (with the student's permission, of course).